About Us

Advertinet, Inc. is first and foremost a website design company. We are constantly upgrading our programs and skills to provide our clients with the newest design elements available for the Internet. Our website design philosophy revolves arount ease of use, navigation and attention to detail. All three of these elements combine to make Advertinet, Inc. a "full service" company. Remember, your website designer should provide you with a website design that is useable, is easy to navigate, invites visitors to respond, produces results, gives a clear message, and generates revenue. Many web designers have become specialized in one area or another, leaving some details to other companies and professionals.

We have strived to provide our customers with a wide range of features not commonly found among other design professionals. Our trained sales staff will take the time to understand your needs and translate that into an effective website for you. We make your transition onto the information superhighway simple for your company. In addition to the actual layout of the site and its pages, we carefully work with structure of each site's content so that each page will load at optimal speed. A website, if truly designed, is tailored for the customer's ease of movement through it. A site presents a product or service; it will do this best if it is easy on the eyes, draws the line of sight along the pages naturally, has its information arranged in a visually logical manner, provides enough information on every page to get the customer where they want to go with as few clicks as possible, and uses well-thought-out, concise, pertinent and friendly language. We also, of course, attempt to make our sites accessible by as many means possible, including text browsers. We have to look at the design of the site from the client's point of view, wondering how he/she, or his/her average customer, will make use of it. A site doesn't have to be perceived as professional or unprofessional. It should be written and designed with the end consumer in mind.

Consider that for many potential customers, your website will be the first and only impression they will have for your business. This means that the image your website conveys is the image they will have about you. We understand this concept and every detail is planned through meetings with you in order to provide the most complete and functional website experience. Our attention to detail can be the difference.